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A 1 Saddle
2 Bridles
3 Halter
4 Nose With
5 Girth
6 Breast Plate
7 Martingale
8 Reins
9 Side reins
10 Safety Straps
11 Saddle Pads
12 Bell Boots
13 Spurs
14 Spurs with
15 Horse Tsui sets
B 1 Chaps
3 Apron
4 Saddle Bar Stools
5 Saddle Stands
C 2 Driving Harnees
The founders of design & technik saddlery GmbH
The young company design & technik saddlery GmbH, located in the idyllic south of Munich, commenced its activities for the European market - combined with global ambitions - in August of this year. The Bavarian slogan with Laptop and Leather Trousers perfectly fits.
The companys founders can draw on their lifetime experience to combine innovative and new materials with classic ones, refined by extraordinary design. The results are high-quality saddles and equitation accessories of high functionality, quality and elegance. An economically advantageous price-performance ratio will support the success on market.

Mage Li steps saddle
Mage Li steps saddle
Maggie steps saddle
Maggie steps saddle
Davince Dressage Saddle
Davince Dressage Sad
Mahler saddle installation dem
Bridles Introduction
Saddle girth introductioin
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